Saturday, July 4, 2009

Physics Quote of the Day (June 28 - July 4)

"It is almost instinctive in science to accept contrary views, because disagreeing gives you guidance to experimental tests of ideas - your own and those offered by others…." Frederick Seitz, born 4 July 1911.

"As the world rapidly becomes a civilization of machines, the masters of machines will increasingly be the ones in control of the world." John Howard Dellinger, born 3 July 1886.

"You should look at all the experimental information at hand, not only the most relevant, and be prepared to make conjectures if that helps." Hans Bethe, born 2 July 1906.

"One has to do something new in order to see something new." Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, born 1 July 1742.

"Each of us has had his own peculiar training, his own personal contact with the mighty ones of the immediate past; and this forms as it were a telescopic tube determining limits to our field of vision." Cargill Gilston Knott, born 30 June 1856.

"Ever since quantum phenomena became definitely recognized many attempts were made to picture their mechanism." Boris Podolsky, born 29 June 1896.

"Does not any analysis of measurement require concepts more fundamental than measurement?" John Stewart Bell, born 28 June 1928.

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