Saturday, July 25, 2009

Physics Quote of the Day (July 19 - July 25)

"Science and everyday life cannot and should not be separated." Rosalind Franklin, born 25 July 1920.

"Individuals with any of a very broad spectrum of intellectual attributes can contribute to science." Roland W. Schmitt, born 24 July 1923.

"Science is competitive, aggressive, demanding. It is also imaginative, inspiring, uplifting." Vera Rubin, born 23 July 1928.

"All our suffering comes from a deficiency to stand up for our beliefs." Heinz Barwich, born 22 July 1911.

"Resolution of conflict, easing of stress must come from the penetration into many groups of wide and common interests which, by a process of dilution, will weaken other groups often artificially maintained." John H. Manley, born 21 July 1907.

"Doing physics is much more enjoyable than just learning it. Maybe 'doing it' is the right way of learning, at least as far as I am concerned." Gerd Binnig, born 20 July 1947.

"Quantum theory was split up into dialects. Different people describe the same experiences in remarkably different languages. This is confusing even to physicists." David Finkelstein, born 19 July 1929.

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