Monday, March 16, 2009

Physics Quote of the Day (March 15 - March 21)

"The principles of the theory are derived [...] from a very small number of primary facts." Joseph Fourier, born 21 March 1768.

"To have a good memory the first thing you must do is to trust your memory." Paul S. Epstein, born 20 March 1883.

"It is because I know all that science can bring to the world that I shall continue my efforts to ensure that it contributes to the happiness of all men, whether they be white, black, or yellow, and not to their annihilation in the name of some divine mission or other." Frédéric Joliot-Curie, born 19 March 1900.

"If you do so and so, then such and such will happen." Walter Shewhart, born 18 March 1891.

"Experimenters are taught in an explicit way, often, how to write up reports of their experiments. But the tradition here is like sports reporting. Only the results of the experiment are reported in any serious detail. The procedures are not." Patrick Suppes, born 17 March 1922.

"[The] aim [of this paper] is attained if by means of it the variety of facts be presented as unity to the mind." Georg Ohm, born 16 March 1789.

"An experiment is a question which we ask of Nature, who is always ready to give a correct answer, provided we ask properly, that is, provided we arrange a proper experiment." Charles V. Boys, born 15 March 1855.


  1. Hi Materion,

    Thanks, you're bringing us these Quotes. Nice to get some thinking tips from these emminent scientifics.


  2. Thanks Salwa,

    I also learn quite a lot of things, not only from the quotes, but also from the history of physics looking up works from a physicist born on that day.