Saturday, March 7, 2009

Physics Quote of the Day (March 1 - March 7)

These (sometimes abridged) quotes are published daily on my Twitter timeline. You may also find them by the appropriate hashtag #pqotd Twitter search.

"Modern physics often advances only by sacrificing some of our traditional philosophical convictions." Fritz London, born 7 March 1900.

"The number of different optical phenomena has become in our time so great that caution must be taken so as to avoid being deceived, and also to refer the phenomena to the simple laws." Joseph von Fraunhofer, born 6 March 1787.

"What is familiar to professional scientists highly needs to be placed in the public domain." Jacques Babinet, born 5 March  1794.

"I feel that matter has properties which physics tells you." George Gamow, born 4 March 1904.

"Science is too important not to be a part of popular culture." Brian Cox, born 3 March 1968.

"If physics is too difficult for the physicists, the nonphysicist may wonder whether he should try at all to grasp its complexities and ambiguities. It is undeniably an effort, but probably one worth making, for the basic questions are important and the new experimental results are often fascinating. And if the layman runs into serious perplexities, he can be consoled with the thought that the points which baffle him are more than likely the ones for which the professionals have not found satisfactory answers." Edward Condon, born 2 March 1902.

"One of the best ways to keep a secret is to shout it." Edwin Land, died 1 March 1991.

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