Saturday, September 12, 2009

Physics Quote of the Day (September 6 - September 12)

"Most probably some law hitherto undiscovered exists." Arthur Schuster, born 12 September 1851.

"There are no surprising facts, only models that are surprised by facts; and if a model is surprised by the facts, it is no credit to that model." Eliezer Yudkowsky, born 11 September 1979.

"The benefits of science are not only material ones. The truths that science teaches are of common interest the world over. The language of science is universal, and is a powerful force in bringing the peoples of the world closer together." Arthur Compton, born 10 September 1892.

"To see worlds in an electron." Hans Dehmelt, born 9 September 1922.

"Those who always take the same paths, usually see the same objects; it is rare that upon following different routes, one won't discover new topics worthy of our most serious attention. Similarly, various attempts give us a greater amount of knowledge. By trying different keys, we can hope to finally find some that open secure paths, short and easy, leading to the wealth of physics." Pierre Polinière, born 8 September 1671.

"Scientific collaborations are akin to marriages, or temporary marriages. Their breakup is not unlike a divorce and rarely avoids acrimony." Peter Freund, born 7 September 1936.

"No longer was light analogous to the discharge of a blunderbuss, but rather to the pulsating flight of birds." Banesh Hoffmann, born 6 September 1906.

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