Saturday, August 22, 2009

Physics Quote of the Day (August 16 - August 22)

"Science doesn’t give authentically access to the Real in the ontological meaning of the word, but only to the links between phenomena." Bernard d'Espagnat, born 22 August 1921.

"... very often the laws derived by physicists from a large number of observations are not rigorous, but approximate." Augustin Louis Cauchy, born 21 August 1789.

"... mathematicians progress only by doubt, through humble and constant attempts to impinge on the immense domain of the unknown." Leopold Infeld, born 20 August 1898.

"Mathematical physics represents the purest image that the view of nature may generate in the human mind; this image presents all the character of the product of art;..." Théophile de Donder, born 19 August 1872.

"Acid rain is a short-hand term that covers a set of highly complex and controversial environmental problems. It is a subject in which emotive and political judgements tend to obscure the underlying scientific issues which are fairly easily stated but poorly understood." Basil John Mason, born 18 August 1923.

"... the progress of science still depends on "a few people of vision"." Lewis M. Branscomb, born 17 August 1926.

"For many things we can find substitutes, but there is not now, nor will there ever be, a substitute for creative thought." Crawford Greenewalt, born 16 August 1902.

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